Bill Beam - President, Beam’s Custom Woodworking

  • "Reade and his company, Elkwood Construction Services has been working with BCW for over eight years. I think very highly of him and his company. You will not find anyone more sincere, honest and caring than Reade. His men are clean-cut, hardworking and share the same values as him. They have the skill to handle small and large projects from plastic laminate to wood case work, from running trim to solid surface product and cultured marble. They work well with all types of projects (residential, commercial and industrial). Elkwood has completed projects for me from a small $500 to a $2,000,000,00 project. Reade and his company are assisting me with five projects currently."


Bill Koch Jr. - Project Manager, CCS Building Group

  • My choice to outsource our extensive trim and door installation scope to Elkwood Construction for our Manor North Corridor Renovations at Willow Valley Communities was based off of a good reference, meeting the owner (Reade) and seeing a quality Elkwood Installation Project (Barshinger Cancer Center).  My choice has proven to be correct as we have continued a long- term working relationship with Elkwood Construction on the Manor North project and have also introduced them on other projects as well.

    As a General Contractor, juggling numerous projects at once, manpower needs and availability of our own carpenters changes day to day.  Elkwood Construction helped our company by providing a consistent, quality trim crew, relieving us from tying up a large number of our own carpenters on one project. 

    My decision to work with Elkwood Construction on a time and material basis has provided us with flexibility as it relates to manpower/ schedule and the scope of work.  On a weekly basis we could review our schedule projections and needs with the Elkwood crew leader and they made sure that work was completed on time.  Another advantage to the time and material work is that we pulled Elkwood employees into things outside of installing trim and doors like material handling for trim and door deliveries, layout and installation of metal railings.  Elkwood was capable of completing any task thrown their way. 

    Many times, time and material projects are on the smaller scale however, Elkwood Construction has proven that large, long duration time and material projects can be successful for all involved.  We have worked with Elkwood daily for over 7 months and will complete our project well within our original trim/ door budget.

    Our company is often working on interior renovation projects with the challenge of working in an occupied building.  We make it necessary for our employees and subcontractors to be presentable, polite and mindful of the safety of the building occupants all while completing the construction tasks at hand.  Elkwood Construction was on board with our program immediately as has shown that they share the same values as our company keeps.

    Elkwood Construction is a top tier carpentry installation company as I have worked with many others including 3 different installers on this project alone.  Elkwood is the company that fits for myself as they consistently provide the resources needed to ensure that quality projects are completed on time and within budget.